Marketing Tech at Fieldays

New communications technologies are changing how we attract and connect with potential customers at the Fieldays. You can remain traditional if you wish but here’s my pick of the top 5 digital marketing technologies that will be in play over Fieldays 2016.

fieldays®-launches-innovative-new-app_Iain's Blog1. The Fieldays App

The 2016 Fieldays App incorporates a whole heap of new features. For Android and iOS, in five languages it incorporates site maps and schedules, allowing users to create their own itineraries. Users can “pin” their carpark to make finding their vehicle much easier, use map functions to find the nearest food vendors or toilets, receive news and weather updates, connect with friends (and find them on the map). You can also interact with social media channels, including a special Fieldays camera for sharing moments, all from the app.
Importantly, the app will also include information on all 900+ exhibitors, including what they offer and where to find them. And don’t overlook the iBeacon technology, which feeds data from a Bluetooth transmitter to mobile phones passing in proximity allowing siteholders to push messages to users when passing within 30m of their site.
Though taken for 2016, the Fieldays app is available for sponsorship. The iBeacon push messaging will be limited to 15 advertisers, and are being sold on a first-in, first-served basis.

2. Location-based Mobile Marketing

location-based-mobile-ad_Iain's Blog

Expect to see lots of ads on your mobile from exhibitors. In addition to the app, savvy marketers will be targeting users at Fieldays across all of their mobile web activity, including social media. Mobile advertising can be targeted to users based on geo-location, and a number of mobile companies are setting up a geo-fenced location to isolate and advertise to on-site visitors. This sort of advertising can be used in the same way as the app push messages, to encourage people to visit a site with special offers etc. This geo-fencing of mobile audiences also allows us to collect “cookie pools” of people who have attended the event, allowing marketers to continue advertising to these people after they have left the event via remarketing technologies. When combined with first-party data that exhibitors have collected from site visitors, this provides an extremely qualified audience to keep tapping into with further promotional offers in mobile advertising spaces.

Fb-Leads-Ads_Iain's Blog3. Interactive Sites & Leads Collection

Everyone wants leads and in recent years we’ve seen lots of tablets with lead collection forms at exhibitor sites, which allow you to collect as much information as prospects are willing to give. However by tapping into the data that users have on their mobile phones, there’s potential for much greater insights and ongoing communication opportunities. Think about encouraging users to interact via Facebook – build an app that users can complete within Facebook on their phones, and you’ll automatically get most of their contact and demographic information, and have a direct line to communicate in future. Easier for the user, and more useful for the exhibitor. Prospect segmentation will also be key, as exhibitors can identify particular areas of interest from each user and fit them into a relevant marketing communications platform going forward.

4. Streaming to a Broader Audience

youtubelive_Iain's Blog

For farmers not able to get to Fieldays, new live-streaming services from the likes of YouTube and Twitter give people the chance to see things as they happen. Brands giving presentations on-site will be able to share their content in a live sense via these social channels, without having to invest significantly in their own publishing software packages. It can even be done with just an iPhone!

Country TV will also be on-site producing content pieces, for which they are also looking to set up live-streaming on YouTube.

lotsofdrones_Iain's Blog5. The Planes!

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs, or drones) are helping to transform the way farmers monitor, measure and improve production performance. Expect to see a lot of exhibitors offering drone hardware and software, but also watch the sky! I pick there will be a significant amount of drone activity above Fieldays, capturing footage for news organisations, exhibitors and Fieldays own marketing teams. Because of this, I expect Fieldays will be implementing limitations around the use and operation of drones within their precinct, so if you’re planning any aerial activity it’s probably worth checking what the rules are.


How will you be using technology to boost your Fieldays presence and performance? If you’d like to know more about any of this, talk to Tracta! We can help you to maximise your site presence, make sure people can find it, and help with lead collection and post-Fieldays marketing.

Get them there, get their details, and then get them as customers. Simple as that!

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