iOS zooms past Android

Kiwis love their iPads

Kiwis love their iPads

A new report from inMobi shows that

users on the iOS (iPhones, iPads, iPods) make up a greater share of NZ mobile web traffic than Android users, as reported in AdMedia. This despite the iPhone making up less than 20% of the total smartphone market.

And impressions from tablet devices have grown 78% in the past three months.

What does this tell us?
  1. iOS users are more likely to use their devices to browse the web than Android users
  2. iPad users make up a large proportion of iOS web traffic
  3. Advertisers ignore iPad users (thought-leaders and trend-setters), and the additional means to engage with them through their smart devices, at their peril
  4. The split is still relatively even so cross-platform engagement strategies are definitely the way to ensure mass reach

Personally, I feel we’re starting to see another media class battle emerge, as we have seen in the past. The media junkies and “haves” will be using iProducts, paying Sky subscriptions and utilising UFB to stream content to their smart TVs. The less-enamoured or financially-able will be using Android, watching Freeview and streaming content traditionally to PCs and mobile devices.

What do you think?

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  1. Kevin Welsh says:

    You trying to start a flame-war Iain? :-)

    But, you are on the money here. Through personal experience and speaking to friends of mine, this is exactly what is happening. Having had the opportunity to test drive an Android device recently, so I can make a comparison to my iPhone, Android has a lot more features but it drives you crazy with all the configuring and pissing around to make it work. Very similar experience when comparing Windows to MacOS. iOS is still the winner for me as it is way more user-friendly.

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