Facebook and Farmers – You’re Kidding Right?

No we’re not kidding, especially when you use the Facebook Custom Audience feature to its full capacity as we did recently for an ag-based client.

Say you ran a video promotion, using this feature you could target a pool of custom audiences who have ‘viewed’ the video i.e. defined by anybody who has played the video for more than 10 seconds in the their News Feed. It also generates a pool of people who have ‘completely’ viewed your video.

The campaign we ran for the client was a Link Post targeted to an audience interested in agricultural products and categories related to it. This was the interest-based audience.

A portion of budget was allocated to the audience that was captured from one of the video campaigns that Tracta did for them at the end of 2015. We dove into the audience pool created by Facebook from users who ‘completely viewed’ the campaign videos, essentially the audience that was interested in our content. What happened next, you ask?


- The Custom Audience reported a 200% higher engagement rate, compared to the interest-based target, and a much lower Cost-per-Click.
- Reached over 89% of our potential custom audience on Facebook.
- Due to the smaller audience size, a relatively low budget was sufficient to reach the majority of the Custom Audience.
- The Link Post received the highest engagement compared to any social media campaign done for this client so far, proving the efficacy of Custom Audience.


- Using video content and building audiences off engaged users, helps marketers to collect valuable data of people who have viewed the video, automatically.
- Custom Audience targeting increases the effectiveness of marketing spends, ensuring the content is being shown to people genuinely interested in the brand and its products.




- Custom Audiences – Building audiences off people who have visited your website homepage and/or specific pages such as the e-commerce page, or uploading an existing email database/phone list to Facebook.
- Lookalike Audience – The next step, once you have a strong Custom Audiences strategy in place, is to create a copy of your existing Facebook fan base. Lookalikes let you expand your campaign reach, targeting those users whose behaviour is similar to that of your target audience.

Facebook Custom audience

Getting in front of your existing customers, retaining them and reminding them that you’re here for them on their beloved social network not only strengthens your brand, but also gives you the prospect to boost your lifetime customer value and loyalty. Recognising just who it is you want to reach, will direct you to the most effective Facebook ad targeting tools and options to get in front of them.

So, we’ll see you on Facebook then?

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