Rural Commentary

Why New Zealand dairy must get smarter

Thursday 4th June, 2015

When our economy and standard of living is heavily reliant on the primary sector, and especially dairy, it’s important we get it right and start being smarter in the way we produce and market. The question is have we been too slow to adapt?... Read more

Rural Commentary

The Big Dry

Tuesday 10th February, 2015

There is a lot being written about the big dry – are we in drought, are we not, irrigation being turned off in some areas, water restrictions in others. It’s a tough time for all. Though I am reading what some farmers are saying and that is in... Read more

Rural Commentary

Glimmer of Gold

Tuesday 25th November, 2014

We’re fortunate that our clients come to us to get a little bit of gold. That the clients we partner up with share the same passions as we do. I guess that’s what makes our roles as designers, suits, creatives, and media planners all... Read more

Rural Commentary

Farmers Truly Are Different

Monday 3rd November, 2014

In my opinion there are very few markets that are wildly different. In fact, only one comes to mind, at least in NZ. Farmers. Why? – well think about this…   1). Farmers are price takers and have very little ability to influence their... Read more

Rural Commentary

Dumb Farmers? How rural marketing can improve

Friday 29th August, 2014

Why do we see so many farmer communications that “dumb farmers down”. Packs of drench with wings, “yeah gidday” in a deep drawl, “get in behind Blue”, scripting stating the obvious, cartoons and ad’s that are technically incorrect –... Read more

Rural Commentary

The Challenge of the Rural Audience

Thursday 17th April, 2014

Here’s a couple of questions I was recently asked to comment on… What are some of the challenges involved with advertising to a rural audience? There is no doubt that the biggest challenge of all is empathy. I can’t believe some... Read more

Rural Commentary

Absolutely Positively Ag

Friday 21st June, 2013

Whilst Wellington has been having a tough time of it lately (including their worst storm in 40 years overnight), the same can’t be said for NZ Ag. Last week’s National Fieldays was testament to this with visitors exceeding 125,000 and... Read more

Rural Commentary

How drought-proof is your rural marketing strategy?

Thursday 4th April, 2013

This drought is now looking like the worst on record in 70 years. NIWA predicts what was a 1 in 20 year event will become a 1 i n 10 year event. The continued dry over the Easter period means the Government is now looking at losses up to $2... Read more

Rural Commentary

Rural women’s contribution an unseen and unrecognised value

Thursday 14th March, 2013

Here at Tracta we recently undertook an in-depth survey into the thoughts and feelings of women living in rural New Zealand, and while it came as no surprise that generally this is a group who feel undervalued and underappreciated, the intent to... Read more