How NZ Ag can stop getting beaten up

NZ Ag is always on the back foot. Despite the rhetoric from leaders in industry about how we need to tell our story better, we continue to be out-gunned by lobby groups like SAFE, PETA and Greenpeace. Whether it’s bobby calves, PKE, dirty... Read more


Why being a middle-of-the-road brand sucks

Middle children complain they don’t get the same love and attention their younger or older siblings did. And they’re right because they weren’t the first. Or the last. The problem is when you pursue two opposing sides, the sum is the... Read more


NZ Ag: Why Maoridom alone won’t fix our brand

Some think Maoridom and our indigenous culture could be the panacea for NZ Ag’s current brand identity crisis. 100% Pure won’t work because of the slow degradation of our rivers and water quality and our reliance on supplementary feed... Read more


NZ Ag: why our co-operatives need to fail fast

A few weeks ago I spent the third phase of my Kellogg Programme privileged to be in the company of many dairy farmers. They know the problem is commodity leading to volatility and not enough value add. The sheep farmers weren’t feeling that... Read more


Marketing Tech at Fieldays

New communications technologies are changing how we attract and connect with potential customers at the Fieldays. You can remain traditional if you wish but here’s my pick of the top 5 digital marketing technologies that will be in play over... Read more


What David Bowie can teach business about being brave

David Bowie was a brave man. He didn’t believe in playing it safe. He was happy to fail. He even turned down a knighthood (alongside Stephen Hawking and Rudyard Kipling). He was also growth mindset, not fixed. He was a music legend and a... Read more

Andy's Word

A Step Too Far for SAFE?

Yesterday I signed the petition to have the charitable (tax free) status of SAFE revoked – the petition organiser has a target of 15,000 signatures and are about 4,700 adrift currently. Looking at their site, SAFE’s stated mission is…... Read more


You Have Got To Ride With The King

What started off as a campus-oriented site for two full years is now the 24/7 worldwide king of social media – Facebook. Today, like any other media channel, businesses need Facebook to achieve their digital objectives. Facebook is an... Read more